I have been a teacher for almost 18 years. I am the aunt of 5 amazing children (quickly growing children). I have been around a lot of young people so far in my life and one of the things that I think plagues our young people (and adults if it is not addressed) is an identity crisis. No matter how encouraging and supportive our parents and family are, we still have some kind of struggle with who we really are. Are we funny enough, pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough, helpful enough, wanted enough? We first look to our family to answer these questions. Then we take these questions to our friends and eventually we take these questions to our romantic interests. The luckiest of us have a supportive family who lays a fairly solid foundation which keeps us from being too easily swayed by pop culture, society, and sinister people. But, let’s be honest… most of us do not get a healthy sense of identity from our families. Most of us never do feel smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough or funny enough. So we take our insecurities and hold them up to every person we come in contact with to ask them to define us and give us our identity. We ask them what we need to change, what we need to buy, who we need to sleep with, what clothes we need to wear, what scholarships we need to earn. The trouble with that is that we are asking broken people to define us. We are asking people who are also undefined and are looking to get their cups filled as much as we are. And what’s worse… society and pop culture are constantly changing what’s good enough. What was cool and hip 3 decades ago is no longer cool. So we have the added stress of constantly having to redefine ourselves to make “them” happy.

How about if we get off that crazy hamster wheel and entertain a new concept? Genesis 1:27 says that “God created man in His own image; in the image of God. He created him; male and female He created them.” In Psalm 139:13-18 the psalmist is confessing and declaring that God has made us and knit us together with care and purpose; that His thoughts toward us are numerous and precious. If we can begin our quest by bringing our questions of identity and sufficiency to God first, we get a more accurate, healthy and LASTING answer. This gives us a lasting foundation on which to base all other experiences. When God tells us that we are created in His image, that we are precious and that He loved us us enough to offer His son as a sacrifice for our sins so that we would never have to be without Him, we can believe Him and we will learn to love ourselves as the royalty we are. NOT because of how great we are, BUT because of how loving and gracious GOD is.

I have been on this quest for healthy identity for as long as I can remember. I have quite a selection of video devotionals I’ve posted over the past 6 years. I hope you find some encouragement and solidarity as you continue to move forward on your journey.

Ladies, we are BEAUTIFUL
Be your own kind of strong
Being OK with behind the scenes
What is your source?
Unity in Diversity
No more comparing
You are somebody

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